Bottled Up.

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Anonymous asked: I feel really sad. I feel like no one cares about me. I feel like my goals are so far away and not achievable. Everyone tells me, "It gets better.", but when? High school is supposed to be "The best years of your life." How in the hell?... I don't know what to do anymore and that scares me. I don't have anyone that cares about me. I'm not sure if I should fight or flight.

Things do get better. You’re amazing and someone out there secretly admires you. They always do. If your life isn’t worth it to you, that doesn’t mean your life is not valuable to someone else. It’s valuable to me too. High School sucked for me too. I care about you. I am your friend. Always go with your gut. Always choose fight or flight. <3 Keep strong, Thank you for posting.